4 Days Exploring Naples & Cilento

Naples, Italy
1,05 kg de CO2
Naples is a beautiful example of an ancient port city in southern Italy, with its narrow historic streets leading you all around the city and guiding you to the waterfront. Naples can also be a very fast-paced and hectic city with all of the scooters speeding along, cutting you off as you walk. Alternatively, a short drive south of Naples will bring you to the Cilento National Park - a coastal oasis often overlooked in favour of Positano. I was blown away by its pristine coastline, rugged hills, and charmingly quaint villages, and it will forever remain deeply imbedded in my mind.
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Before you travel

  • Check the weather before travelling, sometimes southern Italy can get cold!
  • Trainers are a must if you want to walk or hike, and especially if you're visiting Pompeii or Herculaneum.
  • Be careful while driving. No one follows any rules while driving or speed limits, so if you aren't used to the roads it can be a bit tricky and make you anxious.

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