Discovering Mallorca, the island of contrasts, from north to south

Seek out the contrasts of Mallorca, where high mountains, coves and cliffs meet unspoiled beaches on a trip you’ll never forget.
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A roadtrip through Mallorca’s beaches and mountains

Along with its idyllic beaches, Mallorca hides many more treasures that make it unique. Our trip across the island begins in the impressive Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range, as we continue on our journey and discover the calm crystal clear waters of the island’s southern coast.

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Before you travel

*When spending the day in the mountains, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and practical athletic footwear. *Don’t forget your hat, sunglasses and sunscreen for your day at the beach. *Don’t forget a reusable water bottle, especially on very hot days. *Always travel with comprehensive travel insurance such as IATI Escapadas. IATI Escapadas covers you on the road, in addition to offering adventure sports and pet coverage.

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