Discovering Segovia, much more than a piglet and its aqueduct

Lose yourself in charming villages with amazing nature.
Segovia, Castilla y león
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Discover one of the most authentic areas of the province of Segovia. To travel through this area of the Iberian Peninsula is to discover an impressive natural landscape and villages where you can breathe history. This route by car begins by visiting Maderuelo, to continue by Ayllon, Madriguera, El Mullo, and to finish the day in Riaza. The time has come to rest and enjoy the last day of this route, which will take us to the gorges of the river Duratón, Sepúlveda, Pedraza, Cuéllar and will end with a visit to the beautiful castle of Coca, one of the most beautiful in Spain.
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*Binoculars: When visiting the Duratón river gorges, bringing binoculars to make the visit much more interesting. Watching the flight of the vultures can be addictive. *Comfortable shoes: Wear comfortable shoes. In many of these towns the streets are cobbled and it is difficult to walk. A pair of Tropicfeel shoes is the perfect option. *Torreznos: One of the most traditional and tasty tapas, are the torreznos. It is the perfect combination.

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