Places to discover just a few kilometers away from the city of Barcelona.

Discover places that take your breath away and hidden gems in the province of Barcelona.
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The charm of inland Barcelona.

There is no doubt that Barcelona is a tourist magnet, but many people miss some spectacular scenery throughout its province. With its triangular shape, its landscapes range from Mediterranean beaches to the mountains of the Pyrenees, through fertile valleys and medieval villages. On this route, you will visit places of renowned beauty and will also drive on roads with very little traffic, where you will see heart-stopping views you have probably not seen on social media. Get in the car and discover some of the most beautiful places in the province of Barcelona on a three-day getaway.

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Before you travel

*Book accommodation for two nights in advance at the destinations described. *Take a look at the restaurants available at each destination. The recommendations mentioned in Marganell and Rupit usually need reservations to be made in advance. *Travel insurance: hires travel insurance that includes cars such as IATI Escapadas.

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