Tenerife, much more than sun and beach

Tenerife, much more than sun and beach. Bathing in almost virgin beaches of black sand, sculpted by volcanic eruptions. Travelling through the heart of the island of Tenerife through its paths is the best way to discover the beauty of the landscape hidden in this beautiful little corner in the middle of the Atlantic.
Tenerife, Spain
0,5 kg de CO2
Kick through the millenary laurel forests, one of the few left in Europe, or reach the top of the highest mountain in Spain and one of the five largest volcanoes in the world, our "father Teide". To contemplate its sky with sunsets of infarct and one of the five best places in the world to contemplate the stars. Alone, with your partner or with your family, the island offers hundreds of possibilities to enjoy. Tenerife is infinite!
Customize your journey

Before you travel

*Dressing in layers (from swimwear to fleece and mackintosh)

*Bring enough water and some snacks

*Take it easy, the height above sea level in Tenerife is considerable

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