From the Far West to the Roman Empire, without leaving the province of Burgos.

We get into our camper van to visit places that will surely surprise you, you would never think that the province of Burgos, keeps these curiosities.
Burgos, Spain
1,13 kg de CO2
Travelling in a van is freedom, you can say that you travel, where the wind takes you. We have discovered an area that is not very touristy, without worrying about accommodation and spending nights in fairytale places. This escape is a mixture of tradition, nature and the odd curiosity. Let yourself fall in love with this land!
Customize your journey

Before you travel

*Get up as early as possible. The most popular visits can be massified, try to do them at the very first hour to be more relaxed and to be able to take photos, almost alone.

*Plan where to spend the night, to make the most of the day from the very beginning.

*If you visit Burgos in August, you will enjoy the enormous fields of sunflowers in all their splendour.

The soundtrack to your journey

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