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Discover Mallorca’s hidden havens, frequented only by locals and off the beaten track.
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The real Mallorca and its hidden gems

Palma de Mallorca still has some amazing spots that remain almost unknown. This itinerary travels through some of these not so well-known places. Get ready for amazing sunsets and fantastic beaches.

By Edu Bastús
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Before you travel

*This is a whistle-stop trip that takes you to various places on the island. I recommend that you stay in the center of Palma or in the Calviá area. The itinerary is broken down into zones, so you won’t spend too long in the car. *Be careful when driving! There are a lot of tourists who drive very poorly, so try not to become distracted. *If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, get something from the supermarket on the beach and, for dinner, take advantage of the weather and eat outside. *Take out IATI Escapadas travel insurance to avoid any scares on the road.

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