Mariña Lucense: the magic of nature.

Discover one of the most unspoiled coastal areas of Galicia, where the fog is a veil of mystery and the forests merge with the sea.
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A different side of Galicia in the province of Lugo

The region of Mariña Lucense carries the sea both in its name and in its veins. With a coastline that is lapped by the Cantabrian Sea, it is often cloaked in fog and humidity. However, on sunny days its colorful scenery is bathed in light. From the As Catedrais beach, with its natural monument carved by the sea tides, to the O Barqueiro River, Mariña shows you ports like Foz, Viveiro and Ribadeo, which are reminiscent of a stately past. Plus, discover the local Sargadelos ceramics, the Mondoñedo cathedral and other corners that will transport you to a very different side of Galicia. A land steeped in magic and history that dates back to Viking times, and untamed beaches lapped by turquoise waters.

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*The north of Lugo has a mild climate in winter and is cool in summer. Fog and rain are common but even so, summer is the best time to take this tour. *Give yourself the pleasure of hitting pause on the itinerary and enjoying a few extra days off. The area of A Mariña enjoys a rich cultural and natural legacy, so it is easy to come across unexpected spots where you will want to spend more time than originally planned. *In the area closest to Asturias, its gastronomic influence is notable, so expect to find dishes from the neighboring community, such as pastel de cabracho (goat pie). Take advantage and try the region’s traditional and seasonal products. *Take out IATI Escapadas travel insurance to avoid any scares on the road.

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