Menorca, four days between coves

Uncover some of the most idyllic havens on the island of Menorca, which make the Caribbean seem nothing more than a distant memory.
Menorca, Balearic Islands
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The most idyllic corners of Menorca

After several trips to which it is possibly one of the most beautiful islands not in Spain, but all of Europe, I have decided to set up this tour, establishing our base camp in Ciutadella, for some of the most beautiful paradises in southern Menorca as well as the most impressive sunsets, lighthouses and cliffs in the north. A trip for lovers of crystalline coves, nature and active tourism!

Customize your journey

Before you travel

*Winds: when they blow from the south, go to the beaches up north and vice versa. *Car parks: it is important to get to the most popular coves early and take cash to pay. *Shoes: wear good shoes, bring water and always avoid overloading yourself. *Travel insurance: get travel insurance that includes kayaking and other adventure sports, such as IATI Getaways.

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