Roadtrip along the Costa da Morte

Uncover the mysteries of the Costa da Morte and the many shipwrecks on its rocky shores. Explore the most emblematic lighthouses on the Atlantic coast.
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Discovering Costa da Morte

Traveling through the Costa da Morte is so much more than finding some of the most unspoiled landscapes and beaches in Galicia. It is an experience in itself. Customs are deeply rooted in the fishing villages, along with the fierceness of the sea and they bow to its wishes. It is this fierceness that marks the rough but good-natured character of the people. The sea has taken a multitude of lives and which, in the end, is the local inhabitants’ reason for living. Costa da Morte stays in your eyes.

Customize your journey

Before you travel

*Good weather is never guaranteed in Costa da Morte. If you’re looking for authenticity and an infinitely fierce sea, winter can give you a different perspective on the same route. *Do not underestimate travel times. Even if the distances are short, the roads are not meant for high speeds. *Make the most of it and stay in an authentic rural stone house. And, of course, try top-quality fresh shellfish of local origin: razor clams, barnacles, crabs, scallops. *Take out IATI Escapadas travel insurance to avoid any scares on the road.

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