Secrets of Western Asturias

Discover the most unknown Asturias, starting with its incredible coastline, and then going deep into its green forests and mountains.
Western Asturias, Spain
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Over the years, Asturias is increasingly becoming a national and international tourist destination. Good food, friendly people and a geography that offers whatever you are looking for. If you like the beach, the Cantabrian Sea is your friend; and if you love nature, you won't get tired of exploring its mountains. They call it a natural paradise, and we are lucky to live here. Now, we invite you to discover one of its most unknown areas, are you up for it?
By Stormtrotters
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Before you travel

  • Beware of the weather: Even though this is Asturias, if you come in summer don't forget the sunscreen. If you're passing through in winter, bring good shoes and a mackintosh for the mountain routes - you never know what might happen!

  • Food: In the north of Spain you can eat very well, but in Asturias the portions tend to be particularly generous. Don't be afraid to ask the waiter, he will advise you on what to try and how much to eat.

  • Respect the environment: When you go to the beach or to the mountains, try not to leave any kind of waste behind. Asturias is very beautiful and, if we want to continue enjoying its environment, we all have to take care of it.

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