Western Asturias: Road Trip through Mountain, Forest and Coast

In only 3 days we will see a summary of the wild attraction of the less known Asturias: Mountains, lakes, beaches, amazing cliffs and a secret route down the river through the less explored forests of Asturias.
Asturias, Spain
1,08 kg de CO2
This route is what we call "Slow Travel". The aim is not to check in at the places of interest, but to live the experience as a whole, where much of the interest lies in enjoying the road itself and the hours of driving (by car or van) through beautiful green landscapes. We are going to visit some essential points and discover other places with very little traffic, but above all, we are going to disconnect from daily life and reconnect with nature and ourselves.
Customize your journey

Before you travel

*Prepared for a changing time. If there is one constant in Asturias it is the non-constancy of its climate. Even if it is sunny, get ready because it can rain in a matter of minutes! *Basics in the backpack: Slippers, off-road shoes, sweatshirt, torch and camera. *Open heart, smartphone off. This is a journey of real disconnection from your life, and reconnection to the earth and to yourself. Try to avoid distractions and the noise of your daily life.

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