Wild Fuerteventura: Campervan and flip-flops.

Fuerteventura, the Canary Islands
1,45 kg de CO2

We’re going to discover the wildest side of Fuerteventura

A journey along beaten and not-so-beaten tracks in our campervan. Get ready to be amazed!

Customize your journey

Before you travel

*At times the wind can be very strong, so watch out. This island is not called “Fuerte-Ventura” (Strong Wind) for nothing! *Backpack basics: Flip-flops, all-terrain sneakers, sweatshirt, flashlight, diving mask and snorkel. *Open your heart and mind, and turn your smartphone off. This is a trip to truly disconnect from your life, and reconnect with the Earth and yourself. *Try to avoid the distractions and cacophony of daily life. *For peace of mind on your road trip and to protect your luggage, don’t forget to take out travel insurance, such as IATI Escapadas

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