Mallorcan Style

Discover the island where tranquility reigns the way only locals know how. 

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Take your time to truly get to know Mallorca like a local

Take your time to truly get to know Mallorca and enjoy the little moments in the most charming places. Trying local delicacies for breakfast, swimming in the sea, having lunch on the beach, hiking with stunning views and basking in an unforgettable moment as the sun sets over the most unique landscapes. These are just some of the plans that this two-day itinerary includes, as you freely explore the largest of the Balearic Islands by car.

Customize your journey

Before you travel

*We recommend always wearing some kind of water shoes so you can take a dip in the rocky coves. *If you like snorkeling, don’t forget a diving mask and a snorkel to explore the abundance of marine life in the Mediterranean Sea. *If you don’t want to miss the sunsets, make sure you check what time the sun goes down. And remember that it can change every day! *Before you set off, take out IATI Escapadas insurance so you can enjoy the sea and mountains with peace of mind.

The soundtrack to your journey

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