Navajas, one of the most charmed mountain villages in Castellón

Enjoy one of the most charming rural destinations: fountains, waterfalls, waterfalls, scenic routes and a town that will surprise you with its popular architecture fused with elegant "Belle Epoque" villas

Navajas, Spain
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"Navajas" is one of the most charming villages in the interior of Castellón, specifically in the Alto Palancia region.

Have you ever heard the saying that the best perfume is found in a small bottle? Well, this is how I would describe Navajas, as a charming mountain village located between the Sierra Calderona and the Sierra de Espadán, which distills pheromones that make nature lovers, trekkers and charming villages fall in love.

Navajas smells of cherry, almond and olive trees; of red and fertile land irrigated by the Palancia River that leaves incredible landscapes marked by waterfalls, fountains and waterfalls.

This is an ideal municipality to make a romantic getaway with your family or friends, since its routes are more scenic than technical.

Only 40 minutes by car from Valencia we find this picturesque town that does not have 800 inhabitants although in summer it can multiply its census by four. Its fame precedes it and for two centuries it has become a summer resort for the Valencian bourgeoisie, who have been attracted to it by its climate, the 

curative properties of its medicinal mineral waters, its incredible landscapes and its elm tree with a reputation for being a miracle worker.

The Spanish proverb says "don't ask the elm for pears" but according to the Navajeros/as, this tree grants wishes. Under its magical shade the main events of the village take place and it is without doubt the epicentre of Navajas. So you can't pass by without confessing your dreams to it.

Navajas requires sports shoes in order to discover its incredible routes where water and stone merge creating breathtaking landscapes. If it is summer, don't forget to come with crabs to swim in its river: El Palancia, if you are one of those who can stand cold water.

The Salto de la Novia and the impressive waterfall of El Brazal are considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the whole of the Valencian Community. A landscape with a love legend that gives a note of romanticism and mystery to this beautiful place.

In addition to its routes and paths, the village is well worth a visit. You will be surprised by its narrow streets that still preserve a certain Moorish air; with its modest houses painted in immaculate white or relaxing pastel shades. And suddenly, out of nowhere you will be surprised by its spectacular villas (here baptised as Huertos); summer whims of the Valencian bourgeoisie, who at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries turned Navajos into their summer oasis.

It is possible that at some point you feel like you are going back in time, especially if you are lucky enough to coincide with one of its historical recreations where practically the whole town is dressed in period costumes so reliable and adapted to the canons of the Belle Epoque that they seem to be part of a top film.

Navajas still has a few ASES up its sleeve because, in addition to its own tourist attractions, it is close to interesting inland tourist destinations such as the towns of Jérica and Segorbe.

I cannot finish these lines without mentioning the Sanctuary of the Cueva Santa de Altura, a chapel located in the bowels of the earth, 20 metres deep. There, devout Catholics pray to the Blanca Paloma, the popular name for the Virgin of the Holy Cave. However, it is also a point of interest for lovers of telluric enclaves or places of power. In fact, since ancient times it has been considered a place of worship.

For all these attractions, I would recommend that you sleep at least one night in Navajas so that you have time to discover its routes, its history, its magic and its mysticism, which make it without a doubt one of the most precious jewels of the Alto Palancia.

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*Via Verde Ojos Negros: Come with mountain shoes. If it is summer, also with crabs to be able to swim in the river.

*Holy Cave Sanctuary: Take a jacket, it's cool inside the sanctuary.

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