Road trip through the Sierra Norte de Madrid

Discover the wonderful Sierra Norte de Madrid, where nature in its purest state coexists with the culture and traditions of its beautiful villages.
Sierra Norte, Madrid
1,25 kg de CO2
From the Sierra de Guadarrama to the northwest of the Community of Madrid we find the almost unaltered landscapes of Sierra Norte de Madrid, which make the traveller fall in love at first sight. The coexistence between nature and the rural environment has always been in a sustainable way so that today we can enjoy the Sierra Norte without many changes. For us it has always been our getaway when our city exhausts us. Visiting its beautiful villages, walking through its thousands of paths, living unique experiences, are a breath of fresh air just an hour away from Madrid. 
By Viajando en furgo
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Before you travel

  • Wear mountain clothing and footwear. Don't forget a warm coat, as even in summer it can get very cold.
  • Visit a collaborative website of places to spend the night. They will help you decide which one is right for you.
  • Make the most of the opportunity to do some adventure activities.

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