3-day itinerary across Lanzarote

Tour Lanzarote: the volcanic island with awe-inspiring scenery
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Lanzarote, the island of fire, volcanoes and beaches

Lanzarote is my favorite place in the world. It is both gentle and wild, it is art and nature and it is pure energy that is simply contagious. On this weekend getaway, get ready to explore volcanoes and visit some of the island’s most incredible beaches on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Two days will give you enough time to appreciate the uniqueness of the island’s natural environment and its landscapes.
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*Be sure to have a jacket handy at all times as the island is very windy and can be cool in the mornings and afternoons. *If you like snorkeling, take a diving mask and snorkel, as well as a waterproof camera. *When preparing for the trip, we recommend taking out travel insurance that covers your car, pets and adventure sports, such as IATI Escapadas.

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