Bilbao: Between the Sea and the Mountains

Classic meets cosmopolitan in this city that has striking natural landscapes as its backdrop.
Bilbao, Basque Country
1,50 kg de CO2

Bilbao: between titanium, the sea and the mountains.

At the turn of the century, Bilbao left behind its traditional industrial past to become a green city that is pedestrian-friendly. It offers wonderful places to stroll and, above all, it’s an easy place to enjoy on foot. Surrounded by mountains, Bilbao is a paradise for hikers and athletes. And don’t forget that the sea and beaches are just 15 kilometers away. Best of all, while the entire route we present to you is very easily accessible in your own vehicle, all trips can also be made very comfortably on public transportation, thus greatly reducing our environmental impact.

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*The Basques believe that what defines time best in the Basque Country is the word “variable”. The temperature is mild all year round and it can rain at any time, even if there is dazzling sunshine. *If you want to feel like the Bilbao aristocracy in the first half of the twentieth century (and you can afford it) you must stay at the Hotel Carlton, one of the city’s emblematic buildings that was designed by Manuel María Smith, the most renowned architect in the history of the city. *Basque cuisine is internationally famous and well deserves its fame. The great pintxos bars can make anyone go crazy, but so can classic dishes such as txuleton, pil pil cod, marmitako or a good alubiada, a bean soup. *Take out travel insurance with remote assistance such as IATI Escapadas.

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