Wild Working: South Tenerife

Explore the southern part of the biggest Canary Island, in a totally smart and sustainable way with Wild Working!
Tenerife, Canary Island
1,38 kg de CO2
2020 has been the most dramatic year in the history of tourism. The rebirth will be driven by the ability to adapt and to restart, how? Through innovation and sustainability. Wild Working is a project that wants to prove that is possible to mix sustainable tourism and smart working.

Customize your journey

Before you travel

  • Bring with you fresh water, as many of the sleeping spot doesn't provide a source of fresh water.
  • Check the weather forecast for Teide, the cable car may be closed if it's too windy
  • Always monitor the opening time of Punta Teno, because the road is open to public trafic only in specific hours.

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