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Canyon is the all-terrain sneaker with 4-in-1 versatility: providing the benefits of aqua shoes, the comfort of sport shoes, the technical outsole materials of hiking shoes, and the styling of your favourite daily pieces.

The shoe that invented the Footwear Category

The all-terrain sneaker category was born to meet the needs of who desire to always be ready to jump into a new adventure anytime, anywhere. Keeping this in mind, we have designed Canyon, our best shoe yet.

Take them wherever life takes you

From your workplace to the outdoors

The sneaker you can swim in

Gets dry quicker than the original ones

Feels like floating on cotton candy clouds

Comfortable and light

The sneaker with 4-in-1 versatility

SlipSock™ construction

Smart fitting to slip on

SprintLaces™ construction

Knot-stopping the shoe-thigtening mechanism

Innovative and premium materials

New materials in collaboration with Cosmo & Airprene

DualCuishon™ outsole

Super comfortable and durable dual density

All tests are passed against CTCR quality standards


What you can't see, it's what matters the most. It’s all about the little things that make the difference. In design, we like to think that Less is More.

Design Process & Partners

We consider ourselves a collaborative brand, that is why for us, our community support is vital and we will not tire of thanking it. Involving the Kickstarter community in new launches is essential to the quality growth of our business, as it allows us to design and develop the product that we want without investors.

Commited to sustainability

A responsability, not an oportunity

Tropicfeel Team

We are a young and diverse team of travelers coming from different parts of the world with a shared mission of making the everyday an exciting adventure!


Size Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy Canyon?

We have designed our best travel shoe yet. A shoe in line with our design principles: versatile design, superior comfort and sustainability. We bring you the only shoe you need to pack. An all-terrain sneakers that is great for the city and great for the outdoors, providing the technical outsole materials of hiking shoes.

Are Canyon water friendly?

Yes of course! We designed Canyon thinking on how we can get the best breathability and drainage on each detail. Thanks to some evacuation channels on the outsole and the design of the fabrics the shoes will dry very quickly.

How sustainable Canyon are?

Recycled bottles: These sneakers are made of 6 recycled plastic bottles per pair find new life as Canyon upper 3D space mesh.

Algae bloom: we are transforming an ecological problem into a real-world solution for our super comfy outsoles and insoles.

Organic Cassava: Our packaging is made from natural Cassava. Because the single plastic use must disappear and stop generating waste.

What size should I order?

Canyon go from EU36 to EU47.

Here's a few tips to help you to find the perfect fit:

  1. Take 2-3 of your current summer sneakers.
  2. Find the centimeters/JP* size of those sneakers, it’s their maximum fit.
  3. Check our size chart considering the centimeters and choose smartly your size.

If you are between sizes: Size up for a more relaxed fit or size down for a snug fit!

*JP means Japan, their size is in millimeters. You need to convert millimeters to centimeters.


Are they washable?


Canyon shoes are very easy to wash:
    1. Remove the insoles and laces
    2. Throw the sneakers in washing machine on short cycle at maximum 30º
    3. Wash the insoles by hand for better results.
    4. Do not tumble dry

Are you offering friendly shipping?

We offer worldwide free shipping. We ship from our warehouse in Hong Kong using Hong Kong Post International E Express to your doorstep (being the fastest and safest way). Additional taxes could apply depending on each country duties regulation.

Any doubt? Let's chat.

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