Traveling could change your life forever

After our founder and CEO Alberto saw first hand the devastating impact of over tourism in South East Asia, combined with the fact that as a backpacker there was a shortage of quality products that were both versatile and lightweight, the idea of Tropicfeel was born.

And that idea was simple. Let’s create travel gear that is extremely versatile, lightweight, and sustainable, while also spreading the word and promoting conscious, responsible and respectful travel around the world.

Today, Tropicfeel has a large community of modern day travelers in over 147 countries who share our vision, and we’re working together to create the best travel gear possible.

Our community helps us co create our products by telling us what they want, and how they want it. We combine this information with our innovation and design ability to create the products you love.

Sustainability is one of our main design principles as we work to become a carbon neutral company. We’re committed to making Tropicfeel as green a brand as possible, and this impacts every decision that we make as we constantly seek to minimize our environmental impact

We exist today thanks to the worldwide shared passion of travel. And our purpose? To create an everlasting impact on the way that the world travels, no matter how big or small the journey. We want to inspire a positive change in global tourism, the kind of change that will preserve and protect the planet for generations to come, before it’s too late.

Join us to make responsible travel the common way


Conscious packing

When buying gear for your trip, try to consider the necessity of the purchase and the usability of the product in daily life. Multi-functional, sustainable and long-lasting gear allows you to pay less in the long run, and invest more in your traveling experience.


Alternative destinations

Over-tourism has become an evolving problem within the travel industry. Alternative destinations enable you to travel to unique wonders and leave more positive footprints during your adventures.


Respectful attitude

Many people travel wishing to leave their mark on all the wonders of the world. Instead of leaving a mark, try to leave a footprint. A positive footprint that comes from your respect towards  nature and different cultures.

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